About Xvisio SDK:
This page helps developers get familiar with the Xvisio SDK and quickly develop related applications (like SLAM, camera, audio…). It is divided into SDK environment construction and sample code introduction.
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About SeerSense® DS80:

SeerSense® DS80 is an AI powered multi-sensor fusion VSLAM system on module. Subsystem components include a VSLAM engine, a multimodal depth engine, a RGB camera engine, and an AI inferencing engine. It can be connected to the host processor through USB 2.0/USB 3.1 Gen 1 or UART. Each function is supported with its corresponding SDK. The module has been adapted to OPEN CV and OPEN VINO development environment.It also contains a complete calibration data source of internal and external parameters between cameras. Developers can leverage OPEN CV to develop multi-camera applications rapidly and import OPEN VINO models.Refer to the DS80 DataSheet for details.

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