About Us

Xvisio Technology is a cross border technology startup focusing on providing end-to-end solutions in high performance visual SLAM based core spatial perception & interaction technology for robotics and XR optical see-through devices. It has expanded its footprint to China and Europe for R&D and product development with headquarter in Shanghai since its inception in Silicon Valley in 2016. Over the past few years, Xvisio Technology has developed dozens of core intellectual properties in VSLAM algorithm, its low latency hardware implementation, ASIC, AR hardware design, software SDK, AR system calibration and photon-to-motion pipeline optimization. With spatial object overlay technology, seamless cloud integration and many other advanced capabilities, its AR solution platform transforms immersive AR experiences and builds the step stones to Metaverse.

Xvisio Technology offers two main product lines. The SeerSense® is an integrated sensor hub module that provides low latency 6DOF tracking, depth sensing, RGB streaming and AI inferencing. It’s widely used in robotics and AGV navigation, 3D scanning and measurement and face ID for security applications. The SeerLens® AR glasses product line includes built-in 6DOF tracking. It’s feature-rich, easy to use, cost effective and lightweight. Its use cases include remote assistance and collaboration for enterprise applications, education and training, SOP guidance, AR surgery navigation, AR vision correction, etc.

Xvisio Technology has won 20+ industry awards worldwide over the past few years including CES innovation award. The company is backed by industry’s leading VC firms.

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