About Us

Xvisio Technology innovates the underlying technologies for XR and Robotics using VSLAM and multi-sensor fusion.  Its high-speed, high-precision XR Vision and Robot Vision products have won numerals awards and recognitions globally, including CES 2019 Innovation Award, Top 10 Machine Vision Solution of 2018 Award and Disruptive Technology Award.

Its solution has been widely adopted by in the fields of AR/MR HMD, robots, and drones for its superior 6DoF tracking capability.  Its technology leadership and market validation put itself in an excellent trajectory for an accelerated future growth.

machine perception capability
beyond human capacity


Oct, 2019
  • Shanghai High-tech Enterprise
  • Outstanding enterprises in the national industry finals of the 8th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (growth group)
  • VR/AR Innovation Award of 2019 World VR Industry Conference
  • World VR Industry Conference Top 50 Chinese VR Enterprises
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201909世界VR 50强
Sep, 2019
  • Completed the tens of millions of Pre A financing
  • Sales exceeded RMB 15 million
Aug, 2019
  • The member of the 5th phase of Baidu AI accelerator, Baidu AR eco-partner
  • Intel IOT RRK partner
  • Top 3 Industrial Direction of 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Innovation Competition
201901 intel创新激励计划
Jul, 2019
  • Achieve Mass Production
  • Artificial intelligence special support project of Changning District,Shanghai,China
  • Leading project of Suzhou Industrial Park
  • 2019 China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition,<Science and Technology Star> team title of Changning District,Shanghai,China in 2019
Apr, 2019
  • Third prize in the finals of 2019 Global Industrial Internet Intelligent Manufacturing Competition
  • 2018 Best Case of Enterprise Technology Innovation,China
Jan, 2019
  • CES2019 Innovation Awards
  • Disruptive Innovation Awards
  • The first Intel AI Accelerator members
201901 CES2019 Innovation Award创新大奖
201901 intel优秀团队
  • Second prize of Virtual Reality Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in East China
Nov, 2018
  • Key sensor technology breakthrough enterprise of Internet of things innovation and integration of MIIT in China
Sep, 2018
  • The first prototype comes out
Aug, 2018
  • Top 10 Machine Vision provider of 2018> by <Manufacturing  Technology Insights>
201808 美国top10
Nov, 2017
  • Received 2.5 million angel financing
Aug, 2017
  • Xvisio Technology (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd established in Shanghai
  • Xvisio Technology Co., Ltd established in Silicon Valley, USA