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SHANGHAI, CHINA December 11,2018

Xvisio Technology Readies the
Industry Leading High-speed VSLAM

Total Solution for AR/VR/MR and robotics.

Xvisio Technology, a Silicon Valley and Shanghai based computer vision tech startup, today announced the product production timeline of eXLAM

Shanghai, China.
June 12th, 2018

An industry leading high- speed VSLAM based 6DoF tracking and mapping solution. The eXLAM is a system-on-module, powered by an industry top notch VPU . Coupled with XSLAM SDK, it provides a total solution for inside-out tracking, 3D mapping applicable to AR/VR/MR HMD, and various robotics applications.

Plug and play

The eXLAM is a self-contained, edge based computing system that tracks 6 Degrees of Freedom (X,Y,Z, Yaw, Pitch, Roll) position of itself, outputting data directly to applications on the host. Once on, with a simple device driver the device is ready to operate. It dramatically relaxes the computing requirement to the host processor, shortens the product development cycle, and minimizes the R&D effort.

Faster, Smaller, Simpler

The camera module is flexible and scalable, delivers 6DoF information at up to 100Hz to meet the low latency requirement of AR/VR HMD and controller. The spatial tracking accuracy and stability are precise down to the millimeters. eXLAM-45 provides versatile interface connections for easy integration to any host platform. The device is powered by the world-class Vision Processor Unit and the high-speed CMOS image sensors from the industry leading vendors. This product’s total power consumption is fewer than 3 watts.

“Xvisio Technology has developed its proprietary ultra-fast VSLAM algorithm with embedded implementation over the past years. We’ve been working closely with the two most influential semiconductor companies to land with the industry leading solutions for consumers and industrial applications.”

John Lin, CEO of Xvisio Technology


The product was first introduced during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Las Vegas in January 2018. Since then, significant progress has been made in stability, performance, and market validation. The product production date is set for early Q3, 2018.

About Xvisio Technology

Xvisio Technology was founded in Silicon Valley in 2016 and now has expanded its presence to China and Europe. As the leading solution provider for spatial perception interaction, it provides innovative, fundamental technologies and integrated solutions that power AR/VR glasses.

SlimEdge XR is an integrated edge platform that combines VSLAM engine, depth engine, AI engine as well as hand gesture and eye tracking engine into one system. It’s well suited for USB tethered or all in one AR/VR glass or HMDs.