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Xvisio Technology introduces Project

An Integrated vSLAM Tracking and Multi Camera platform for

Xvisio Technology , a Silicon Valley and Shanghai based machine vision technology startup , announced its 6DOF tracking and multi camera integration platform-Project Endeavor for AR/VR HMD and glass.

Santa Clara, Silicon Valley
May 30, 2018

The platform supports the necessary sensing and interaction functions for AR/MR HMD/glass over single USB3 link to the host at very low power consumption and affordable cost.

Xvisio Technology is specialized in high speed vSLAM solution on edge devices. Early this year at CES2018, it released the industry leading 6DOF tracking solution based on a world class VPU. Project Endeavor leverages the existing stereo camera based vSLAM 6DOF tracking solution on the edge and integrates a RGB camera , depth camera, and other sensing units for AR/MR HMD and glass over USB3 link. With the SDK from Xvisio Technology, our customer can build an AR/MR HMD /glass front end unit quickly. Project Endeavor runs on Windows, Linux, and Android platform. It can be used for PC based AR/MR , detached AR/MR or stand-alone devices.

“We have been working diligently to define Project Endeavor. AR/MR is one of our focused fields. Our goal is to provide a viable and cost effective front-end solution with our expertise in high speed VSLAM algorithm and the VPU implementation ”

John Lin, CEO of Xvisio Technology

Project Endeavor will be available in Q3,2018

About Xvisio Technology

Xvisio Technology is a computer vision startup dedicated to environment perception and recognition solutions. The main focus of business is on AR/MR, gaming , and robotics. Based on years of research, the company started off in 2016 from Silicon Valley, focusing on high-speed vSLAM algorithm development and VPU implementation. Since then, it has expanded operations to China for technical support, manufacturing, and sales backed up by venture investment.