Slim Edge AI

It is an AI-enabled, highly customizable overall solution platform for perception and interaction designed for AR/VR glasses. In addition to integrating VSLAM sensing functions such as multi-eye fisheye, TOF and RGB cameras, Intel’s high-performance AI edge computing VPU Myriad X supports the integration of other perceptual interaction functions required by AR/VR glasses, including gesture recognition, voice interaction, eyes tracking, and control handles. The platform is plug-and-play, does not occupy system resources, and supports 3DOF, 6DOF, VIO, SLAM, CSLAM, shared map and other working modes.

— Applicability

VR / AR HMD / glasses, service robot, 6DOF controller, object detection, depth and size measurement, spatial positioning and overlay, 3D reconstruction, plane detection, object recognition, digital twin, etc.

— Features:

  • Support 6DOF head tracking with VSLAM Engine locally on the glass
  • Support object recognition with CNN Engine on the glass
  • Support Hand gesture, 6DOF Hand controller ,Gaze tracking capability
  • Support audio and video processing on the glass
  • Support all sensors (TOF, RGB, IMU, VSLAM) needed for AR glass
  • Support all kinds of display panels including LCOS, OLED, DLP. Fast LCD
  • Support 6DOF and sensor data output over USB3.0 or 2.0 , display input over DP over Type C
  • Support SDK for plane detection ,3D reconstruction, depth map, multiple SLAM mode

— Benefits:

  • Edge computing for VSLAM to offload the computing resource from the host
  • Plug and play across different platforms with consistent performance
  • Quick time to market for USB tethered and all-in-one AR glass design
  • Turnkey solution with validated hardware supply

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