“Innovating machine perception capability beyond human capacity”
  Cutting Edge Technology
The industry leading intelligent iCV engine for vSLAM
         -  In house developed and optimized iCV engine with deep learning for vSLAM and object detection.
         -  Fast parallel processing with up to 1000fps throughput capability.       
         -  Support both single and stereo camera for both indoor and out door
         -  Accurate tracking and localization to millimeter accuracy.
         -  Accurate map generation in millimeter accuracy.
         -  Robust in tracking without jittering and drifting.
         -  Cloud connected for data sharing and processing.
 The industry first System On Module (SOM) for total vSLAM 
       -  Fully embedded with parallel vision processing unit, no need for external computing.
       -  The industry first 100fps throughput for vSLAM with dual VGA resolution.  
       -  Custom lens to ensure the performance and lower height.
       -  Multi-sensor fusion on module including IMU and depth.  
       -  Fully calibrated for XLAM iCV engine to ensure the accuracy.
       -  Rich output interfaces for easy host integration.
       -  Dynamic power control to meet power consumption –performance requirement.
       -  Compact component level form factor and quality.
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