“Innovating machine perception capability beyond human capacity”
     Robust       Accurate         Fast
​​Key Product benefits
- Receive 6DOF and 3D map info without external computing
- Static localization and mapping by stereo vision. No motion needed
- 100fps real time VGA stereo video streaming along with 6DoF
- 10ms Low latency for high speed use case such as AR/VR HMD
- 1mm high tracking accuracy and stability for high end tracking  solution
- Ultra compact and low power for easy integration into mobile devices
-  All devices are cloud connected for data sharing and processing
Key Product Specs
 - 40mm/60mm baseline
 - Two VGA resolution input @ 100fps with global shutter sensor
 - 6DOF refresh rate at 100Hz, video output at 100fps 
 - Interface: USB3 ,SPI. MIPI , WIFI, Bluetooth
 - Dimensions: 18(W)X60(L)X8(H)/ 18(W)X80(L)X8(H)
 - Power consumption: <3.5W at 100fps 6DOF processing